SilkChain Raised More Than 67500 ETH Till Date & Counting..

Blockchain technology has solved major problems in supply chain, trade and inventory management because of its decentralization and transparency. Blockchain has emerged to be one of the best ledger technology that world has ever seen in 20th century. SilkChain utilized this technology to solve cross-border trade problems. SilkChain has presented a unique solution to become ‘№1 cross-border E-commerce Blockchain’. SilkChain ICO has become one of the most valuable blockchain project in the world by raising more than 67520 Ethereum till now.


Small and Medium enterprises which contribute 60% of the 30 Trillion global trade business are constrained by fragmentation. In the world’s largest industrial chain, more than 15 million quality suppliers yearn for greater market space. Effective financial support is a top common goal of SME’s in the world. SilkChain has presented a unique solution by forming a ‘One-stop cross border trade’ that has been adopted by 15M global manufacturers and suppliers. It has support of 50 thousand trade centers from the Belt and Road countries.

SilkChain will bring together the global cross-border trade elites, including various countries’ chamber of commerce presidents, trade leaders, political and commercial leaders. SilkChain brings a whole new innovative space to develop cross-border free trade zone, powered by productivity and production relation.

SilkChain has convinced investors around the world to buy its token. Investors are intrigued in SilkChain ICO as it empowers SME’s. One can automatically become community member upon joining SilkChain and enjoy the perks of ‘Empowered IT system’ and ‘Zero risk of marginalization’. The reason SilkChain ICO has got such boom is because it has made the trade decentralized and eliminated middlemen and brokers, which is good for both manufacturer and end-user. It has reduced cross-border trade cost and solved difficulties in SME’s financing.

ICO pre-sale is live with first two stages completed successfully. SilkChain ICO has raised more than 67520 ETH till data and it is still going stronger. According to the SilkChain token campaign, 25% of the tokens will be available for community investors and ecosystem partners. SilkChain has been reserved 20% of the tokens for founder and developer team members. Major part of the funds raised during SilkChain ICO campaign will be allocated to its infrastructure and application development. It is ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain based token which is available for mining as well.

Team composition and experience plays and important role in ICO campaign. SilkChain has got experienced team which is dedicated to forge bond with success and this is one of the reason that SilkChain is having great ICO campaign. SilkChain has big names on board including Abdullah Saeed Al-Mobty, Kevin Fenn, Jerzy Rzymanek and many other talented heads.

SilkChain ICO is a big success as it raised more than 62 thousand Ethereum in first two stages of pre-sale. Join community by acquiring Silk tokens. Promote multi-tiered cooperation using Silk tokens, share data and reduce the cost of trust and financing. The new Silk road on Blockchain, jointly build a cross border free trade zone.


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